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State Grid actively implements the “General Industrial and Commercial Electricity Price Drops by 10%” Work Deployment

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2019/03/14 01:05
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On March 5, Premier Li Keqiang made a report on the government work at the second meeting of the 13th National People's Congress. "Deepening the reform of electricity marketization, clearing the additional charges for electricity prices, reducing the cost of electricity for manufacturing, general industry and commerce. The average electricity price is reduced by 10%."
The party group of State Grid Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to and acts positively, resolutely implements the major decision-making arrangements of the central government, resolutely obeys the overall situation of the party and the state, and takes the supply-side structural reform as the main line, actively supporting the healthy development of the real economy, and implementing all the The measures to cut prices and clear the fees, further release the reform dividend, and promote comprehensive and deepening reforms to continuously achieve new breakthroughs and new results.
Since 2016, State Grid Co., Ltd. has actively participated in and promoted the introduction of price reduction and payment measures, strictly implemented policies, strengthened supervision and inspection, and reduced the cost of energy consumption for users by more than 200 billion yuan each year, effectively releasing the reform dividend. In 2018, the goal of reducing the general industrial and commercial electricity price by 10% was exceeded, and the cost of electricity for customers was further reduced by 91.5 billion yuan, which effectively enhanced the sense of acquisition of SMEs. At the same time, it launched the ten major measures to comprehensively deepen reforms, guided and encouraged social capital to actively participate in power grid, industry and financial services, promoted institutional and institutional innovation, and continued to optimize the business environment. The “Acquisition of Electricity” index jumped from 98th to 14th. Multi-pronged measures to promote the construction of the power market, the vitality of market players is effectively stimulated, and the new energy consumption achieves the goal of “double rising and falling”.
The party group of State Grid Corporation stated that it is necessary to use Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide, to firmly adhere to the "four consciousnesses" and to strengthen "four self-confidences" and to achieve "two maintenance" to opener thinking and more Effective measures, more rapid actions, better service, better play the role of industry in high-quality development, accelerate the construction of "three-type two networks" world-class energy Internet companies, and make new contributions to economic and social development .
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