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Online monitoring equipment

1. Product Overview LHTX1306B transformer core grounding current online monitoring system captures instantaneous current changes through real-time online, and analyzes, judges and alarms, providing operators with accurate and direct judgment basis. The alarm information can help the operating personnel to eliminate the iron core in time. The ground fault, its stored historical data provides a powerful basis for the state maintenance, evaluation, early warning and risk analysis of the transformer, and is a powerful tool to ensure the safe operation of the transformer.
1. Product introduction The LHJCQ3A-485 arrester online monitor is the latest design of the lightning arrester monitor with RS485 long-distance communication function. It can remotely transmit the full leakage current, resistive current, discharge frequency and discharge time of the arrester. The resistive current of the arrester can be measured by the external reference voltage to improve the measurement accuracy of the resistive current.
1. Product Overview JCQ3A-485AC remote transmission arrester online monitor adopts precision cast aluminum casing, which increases the mechanical strength and sealing performance of the monitor casing. The installation dimensions are the same as those of the original monitor. The function of the original ordinary monitor is completely retained. A/D conversion based on single-chip microcomputer is installed in the monitor, and the photoelectric isolation RS485 remote transmission board is adopted. The remote transmission terminal is led out from the monitor, and the remote transmission mode and the remote transmission protocol are also the same. The power supply mode is AC 18V in-phase AC voltage, which is also used as the reference voltage phase for the arrester resistive current test.
1. Product introduction LHJYJC type DC insulation intelligent detection system adopts non-contact intelligent magnetic modulation DC micro current sensor to detect the leakage current generated by the grounding of the positive and negative busbars of the DC system and the voltage of the busbar to the ground. The unique algorithm is used to measure the double end of the busbar at the same time. Ground resistance to ground to determine the ground fault of the bus. This technology does not need to superimpose any signal on the busbar, and will not have any adverse effect on the power supply of the DC system, completely eradicate the double-ended insulation at the same time, and the misjudgment and leakage judgment caused by the distributed capacitance of the busbar to the ground, and greatly improve at the same time. The accuracy and speed of the detection; while ensuring the accuracy, the insulation instrument also has a wide voltage range, suitable for 200---1000V DC system; it is an ideal device for detecting insulation resistance.
1. Product introduction The adjustable gap lightning protection device of the distribution line is connected in parallel at the two ends of the insulator of the distribution line, and the lightning discharge voltage of the gap is adjusted to be slightly smaller than the impact flashover voltage of the insulator. Under the action of lightning overvoltage, the gap acts and the lightning is applied. The overvoltage leaks into the earth to protect the insulator from damage. If it is an insulated wire, it can prevent the arc from occurring between the insulated wire and the ground and blow the insulated wire.
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