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Insulation protection products

1. Product introduction Made of high quality silicone rubber material, it has excellent electrical and anti-leakage performance, excellent weather resistance, high mechanical properties, water repellency and hydrophobic migration, excellent high temperature resistance, and can be used at -50 °C. Continuous use at ~+150 °C.
1. Product introduction Our company independently developed and developed a new type of insulation material for the requirements of insulation materials in high-low temperature, high pressure and strong ultraviolet all-weather conditions of the power industry and the needs of the domestic aircraft manufacturing and maintenance industry: LH1522 irradiation cross-linked silicone rubber Melt band. Through comparison with Russia, 3M company product testing and analysis and the national military backbone enterprise Shenyang Dawn Aircraft Manufacturing Company installed bench test, its performance indicators have fully met and partially exceeded the Russian and 3M product indicators, filling the domestic gap. At present, the product is widely used in the aircraft manufacturing industry. In the power industry, it is recognized as an innovative and technologically advanced new insulation material and is recognized and gradually adopted by the power departments at all levels. Up to now, there have been successful applications on 380V, 10kV, 35kV, 110kV, 220kV voltage levels.
Specifications: According to customer requirements, it can be processed into sheets, blocks or strips of different sizes.Colour: Black Appearance: black gelatinousWorking conditions: -40 ° C - 90 ° C Product Features: This product is a viscoelastic high damping material which is made of butyl rubber and is compounded with appropriate functional materials. Product application: The product has excellent vibration damping, noise reduction, mute, sealing and flame retardant effects. It has good stability, strong self-adhesiveness, water resistance, heat resistance, stable physical and chemical properties, and no corrosiveness to attachments. Non-toxic, non-irritating odor, no irritating effect on the human body. Easy to use, without shape restrictions, arbitrarily bent, folded, stacked. Suitable for shock-absorbing materials in the automotive industry, refrigeration equipment, motors, sanitary ware, audio equipment, and machinery manufacturing industries. Usage: The bonding surface must be dry, free of dust and grease. Remove the film from the release paper, adhere to the application site and compact with a roller.
1, model description LH1519 has excellent flame retardancy and fire resistance. Light weight, thin thickness, can effectively play the role of fire, heat insulation, flame retardant.
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