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A scientifically clear strategy allows the source of vitality to flow in full

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2019/02/19 10:17
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Implementing the company's new era development strategy to start a good start
A scientifically clear strategy allows the source of vitality to flow in full
On February 13, the State Grid Co., Ltd. headquarters staff meeting was held in Beijing.
At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane is updated. Different from the “prescribed actions” in previous years, this headquarters staff meeting will further deepen the construction of “three-type, two-network, world-class” strategic goals and promote the reform and deployment of the group’s “distribution service”. The idea of ​​"two networks" has made clear requirements for the reform of "distribution suits" and pointed out the direction for the company's system to carry out related work.
"Three-type two networks" construction to adapt to the trend of the times
The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China portrayed the grand blueprint for achieving the goal of "two hundred years" and clearly proposed to "cultivate world-class enterprises with global competitiveness."
In order to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the party group of the company collectively researched and brainstormed and put forward the strategic goal of building a new era of world-class energy Internet enterprises. To achieve this goal, we cannot hope to "go along the old road and wait for good things to come", and it is by no means a simple way to transfer flowers and cages.
How to find the right direction, really work hard to achieve reborn, reborn?
The company's leadership team gave the answer: the "three types of two networks" construction as the core task, "one lead, three changes" as the basic path, to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, initially built a world-class energy Internet enterprise. This idea has made the company's new era strategic goals clearer and more grounded, and bridges the gap between ideals and reality.
Among them, the "three types" are the characteristics and the "two networks" are the foundation. The two are interrelated and organically unified, which is the core and most fundamental task of building a world-class energy Internet enterprise. Advancing the construction of "three types and two networks" is the concentrated embodiment of the company's implementation of the internship in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, showing the new era and new actions, and resolutely practicing "two maintenance" with practical actions.
At the “intersection point” of the new round of energy revolution and digital revolution, the company faces unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Advancing the construction of "three types and two networks" is to actively adapt to the development trend of the energy revolution and the digital revolution.
In this era of the times, the integrity of innovation means that on the one hand, we must unremittingly build and operate a strong smart grid, continuously improve the power grid optimization and allocation of resources, power supply support capabilities and intelligent interaction capabilities, and seize the commanding heights of the energy revolution; Promote the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things with innovative spirit, open up a new road for improving the operation level of power systems and the efficiency of power grid assets operation, and open up the huge blue ocean market of digital economy, always standing at the tide of industry transformation and development. The "two networks" complement each other and integrate development. It is not a simple one plus one equal to two or greater than two, but has a significant double effect.
Similarly, standing on the "main battlefield" of power reform and state-owned enterprise reform, the company actively embraced changes and learned from platform enterprises; it expanded its function of state-owned capital, transformed its operating mechanism, and enhanced its internal viability. To promote the construction of "three types and two networks" is to base on the company's social attributes, network attributes, industry attributes, actively adapt to the requirements of power reform and state-owned enterprise reform, and actively embrace new economic models such as platform economy and sharing economy. While doing a good job and being bigger, we will give better play to the driving role in high-quality development and create greater opportunities for the development of the whole industry and more market players.
Promoting the construction of "three types and two networks" is not only the responsibility of the company to resolutely practice Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, but also the only way to actively adapt to the integration of the energy revolution and the digital revolution. It is also the initiative to adapt to the power reform and the reform of state-owned enterprises. The fundamental requirement for advancement.
This groundbreaking complex system engineering requires the company to move up and down, two-way force, and long-term work. The headquarters of the company leads the way, giving full play to the overall role; the grassroots line mobilizes the pioneering spirit and stimulates the creation of vitality. The company's ups and downs of wisdom, cohesiveness, various initiatives and efforts will all point to the same direction - to implement the company's new era development strategy, and solidly push the "three-type two networks" construction forward.
The “distribution suit” reform stimulates vitality at all levels
At the company's third session of the Fourth Staff Representative Conference and the 2019 Working Conference, as one of the company's key tasks in 2019, the group's “distribution service” reform was placed in a more prominent position.
In line with the changing needs of the current development situation, the reform of “distributing the service” is imminent. The company clearly stated that it must dare to open its own swords, to resolve the bones, to repair the wounds, and to grasp the results.
This is a major reform, and the company defines its content requirements -
"Putting" means rational decentralization. Adhere to the need to put all the arbitrarily, can put it, put the power of the headquarters can not manage, the management is not good, and tighten the responsibility of the various units to promote the implementation of the company's new era strategy.
"Pipe" is to be precise and effective. Any authority can not lose supervision and restraint. If there is "putting", there will be "management", and "putting" and "management" must be closely combined. At the same time as increasing the authority to decentralize the headquarters, we will further strengthen the supervision of the headquarters on the use of power by various units, and improve the management and control mode of each unit at the headquarters.
"Service" is to focus on improving service quality. Service is a more advanced management. As the head of the company, the headquarters will enhance service awareness, improve the level of service at the grassroots level, and act as a “propeller” for the implementation of the company's party group decision-making and “the rear” of the service company's grassroots.
It can be seen that this will be a profound change from concept to system.
How to comprehensively promote the reform of "distribution suits" and ensure that the reform measures fall?
The answer "formula" given by the company is: from the strategic and overall heights of the headquarters departments, fully aware of the importance and urgency of the reform, to make up their determination and courage, to actively meet the needs of the grassroots, and to do a "subtraction" of decentralization and decentralization. Strengthening the "addition" of supervision and the "multiplication" of optimizing services will truly mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of all levels of the company, and inspire vitality and creativity.
As the relevant work is further pushed forward, various measures are gradually being put into use. It is foreseeable that the company headquarters will further liberate productivity, stimulate creativity, strengthen management, improve efficiency, and exert a powerful force for efficiency change. This kind of power will be linked to the grassroots level, and will empower the company's more than 1.6 million cadres, different professions and positions, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of all levels, and bring together the powerful forces of high-quality development of the new era. .
A scientifically clear strategy allows the source of vitality to flow in full. It can be expected that with the continuous advancement of reform measures, the new attitude, new style and new look will better condense the cadres and employees, coordinate the promotion of all aspects of the company's development and reform, and grasp the strategic breakthrough period. A new world of world-class energy Internet companies with global competitiveness.
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