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Energy and power industry go all out to fight for the fight against poverty

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2019/03/04 10:19
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The success of a business requires the strength of high-rise buildings and the perseverance of continuing struggle.
The year of 2018 is the year in which the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is fully implemented. It is the year of winning the three-year campaign to fight poverty. China's energy system is closely focused on the overall goal of poverty alleviation, and resolutely puts the quality of poverty alleviation first, focusing on deep poverty areas and special poverty groups, and implementing the strategy of precision poverty alleviation and precision poverty alleviation. The goal of energy poverty alleviation is accurate and remarkable.
On the third day of the end of the Spring Festival holiday in 2019, the party secretary and director of the National Energy Administration, Zhang Jianhua, led the team to the poverty alleviation county to conduct condolence investigations. The work was deployed intensively and the support was solid and powerful. The national energy system continues to move forward, not lax, non-stop, and slack, and the belief and determination to help the poor and continue to do so.
Building a foundation
Energy poverty alleviation, hard work, victory
Concentrate on strength, work together, and work hard to help the poor and the poor, and make unremitting efforts.
In 2018, the National Energy Administration in-depth implementation of the decision-making deployment of winning the fight against poverty, strengthening policy inclinations in planning, projects, and funds: formulating a three-year action plan for adjusting energy development in poverty-stricken areas, supporting the construction of major energy projects in poverty-stricken areas, and continuing to increase Energy poverty alleviation work; the investment plan for upgrading and upgrading the rural network was 40.5 billion yuan, all of which were invested in poverty-stricken areas, of which 51% of the funds were invested in the “three districts and three states” deep poverty-stricken areas; the cumulative scale of photovoltaic poverty alleviation was 15.44 million kilowatts, which was already in the country. The provinces built a grid-connected photovoltaic poverty alleviation project of 13.63 million kilowatts, and helped a total of 2.24 million filed poverty-stricken households... The top-level design was pragmatic and oriented to overcome the deep-seated poverty-stricken efforts.
"The movement of Dapeng is not the light of one feather; the speed of smashing is not the power of one foot."
In 2018, the energy and power central enterprises worked together to expand the road and sing the songs, and took the poverty alleviation as an important political task. The State Grid Corporation formulated and implemented a special plan for the construction of power grids in the deep poverty-stricken areas of the company, and comprehensively promoted the "three districts and two states". (excluding Yunnan Nujiang Prefecture) and 381 poverty-stricken county power grids to upgrade and upgrade, to achieve full power coverage of natural villages except Tibet; China Southern Power Grid Corporation invested 20.3 billion yuan to vigorously carry out upgrading and transformation of power grids in poverty-stricken areas, fully meeting the needs of poverty-stricken power and helping 240 villages and 81,000 people were out of poverty; the National Energy Group focused on the “three districts and three states” deep poverty areas, and implemented 54 poverty alleviation projects such as industrial poverty alleviation, easy land relocation and poverty alleviation, education and poverty alleviation, with an agreement amount of 95.44 million yuan. The number of people is 1.26 million; PetroChina has invested 62.41 million yuan in targeted poverty alleviation work, attracting 6.54 million yuan for designated poverty alleviation counties, and 8 of the 10 poverty-stricken counties designated for poverty alleviation have achieved poverty alleviation. Filled with oil and drums, the energy system uses hard work and struggle to write a magnificent chapter of poverty alleviation.
Intensively, strive for the upper reaches, and work hard to help the poor.
--- Adhere to the problem-oriented and strengthen the style of work. The National Energy Administration issued the “List of Governance in the Poverty Alleviation Work Style”, deployed fixed-point poverty alleviation assessment and rectification work, and took the opportunity of poverty alleviation and construction as the opportunity to improve the “four awareness”, improve the accuracy of poverty alleviation policies, and improve the solidity of basic work. Improve the work style of poverty alleviation and improve the style of work and set an example.
-- Strengthen organizational leadership and improve institutional mechanisms. Datang Group adheres to the goal-oriented work, and establishes a poverty alleviation mechanism for group companies, molecular companies and grassroots enterprises to “level one level and implement level one level”, and 29 molecular companies undertaking poverty alleviation tasks sign the responsibility. The effectiveness of poverty alleviation is included in the annual performance appraisal.
--- Strengthen industry poverty alleviation and deepen poverty alleviation. Huadian Group will promote poverty alleviation and radiation industry to alleviate poverty. It will solve the problem of “power shortage” and “promoting development”, focus on solving the problem of electricity consumption for non-electricity population, and make power poverty alleviation a key measure to improve production and living conditions in poverty-stricken areas. An important driving force for precision poverty alleviation.
Taking the people as the direction
Focus on energy poverty alleviation and improve quality
The data highlights the deepest concerns, and the details show the greatest responsibility. To comprehensively fight poverty alleviation, we must, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Party Central Committee, put the quality of poverty alleviation first, focus on deep poverty areas, and push forward various tasks.
From relief-oriented poverty alleviation to development-oriented poverty alleviation, the national energy system is striving to build energy-assisted products, taking industry poverty alleviation as a breakthrough, and comprehensively promoting the ability to “hematopoietic” in poverty-stricken areas. Energy poverty alleviation is increasingly revealing that “plum blossoms are coming from bitter cold” Will and fragrance.
Improve the quality of poverty alleviation, focusing on the weak points of poverty alleviation. In 2018, the Tibet-China networking project was completed and put into operation, and the main artery of the Tibet power grid construction was officially penetrated. The project is a high-altitude ultra-high voltage power transmission and transformation project built by the State Grid Corporation after breaking through the life-forbidden zone and challenging the survival limit after the Qinghai-Tibet Power Network and the Sichuan-Tibet Power Networking Project, helping the country win the “three districts and three states”. It is of great significance to fight poverty in the deep poverty-stricken areas and to serve Tibet in building a well-off society in an all-round way and to promote Tibet's economic prosperity and long-term stability. In 2019, State Grid Corporation will continue to increase investment in power grids and strengthen Tibet's assistance in all aspects. The pace of high-quality development of Tibetan power grids is getting more and more real, and the vision of interconnected power grids in Tibet is becoming more and more promising.
With the Tibet-China networking project as the benchmark, with the mid-term evaluation and adjustment of the “13th Five-Year Plan” energy plan, the layout of several major energy projects is gradually tilting towards deep poverty-stricken areas. Approved the Qinghai-Henan ±800 kV UHV DC project, Yunnan Wudongde to Guangxi Guangxi UHV DC transmission project; approved the Wujiang Baima electric navigation hub and the footwood foot river Bala hydropower station; continued to promote the construction of the natural gas project in southern Xinjiang; Approved four coal development projects in Xinjiang, planning to build a number of medium-sized coal mines in southern Xinjiang, and promoting the construction of coal storage and transportation infrastructure in southern Xinjiang. The fight against poverty is a hard bone. The poverty alleviation is a hard task, and the pace and intensity of energy poverty alleviation is further deepened.
To improve the quality of poverty alleviation, we must also play a "combination boxing" for poverty alleviation. Huaneng Group launched the “Red Action Plan” to accurately eliminate poverty and combine the national rural revitalization strategy, focusing on deep poverty areas, comprehensively promoting poverty alleviation work in more than 130 poverty-stricken villages across the country through measures such as industrial poverty alleviation, employment poverty alleviation and consumption poverty alleviation. Complete the task of attacking on time. In the annual task of poverty alleviation in 2019, the National Power Investment Bank emphasized that it is necessary to improve the industrial poverty alleviation and development system, increase support for green power poverty alleviation, special industry assistance, brand assistance, and e-commerce platform poverty alleviation, and strengthen poverty alleviation and Fuzhi (Zhi) combines skills training and education to foster the development of endogenous development in poverty-stricken areas... Helping the poor like water, until the strongest, the best, the soft, the soft and the soft, only the people In order to gather resource elements more accurately, precision can also be more resilient.
After 40 years of continuous struggle, more than 700 million people have been lifted out of poverty and created a miracle in the history of human poverty reduction. Now, the absolute poverty problem that the Chinese nation has existed for thousands of years must be resolved historically, and the most crucial stage is to get rid of poverty. The two national conferences passed the group voice and gathered wisdom. We are looking forward to this. At the upcoming National People's Congress, we will pass on a stronger will and a powerful measure to promote poverty alleviation. Energy poverty alleviation will continue to move forward in depth and make the overall well-off society more complete.
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